Animal Fouling

Clean Neighbourhood Officers have the authority to issue 'on the spot' Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 to dog fouling offenders if they witness the event. However they can also issue a penalty if a witness statement is provided by a member of the community.

If left unpaid by the offender, this offence can then lead to prosecution and fines of up to £1000. (Please see 'The dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996' for more details).

Should you witness an incident of dog fouling, please report it to the Clean Neighbourhoods Team at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council on 01455 255977 or email In nearly all cases the witness will remain anonymous whilst action can be taken against the offenders.

You must provide the following information:
Date & Time
Dog description
Owner description
Offender's car registrations number - plus make and model of car (To help identify dog owners)
Your telephone number - (without this no action can be taken against the offender)

Any rubbish bin will do to dispose of dog mess. Bins are provided around the village and in the Recreation Grounds.