Burbage Parish Council

Serving the community of Burbage

Full Council

Full Council is made up of all 20 Councillors. Its job is to make policy (agree the framework within which decisions are made), agree the budget, appoint a Chairman of the Council, agree terms of reference of Committees and their membership and carry out a number of strategic/corporate management functions.

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Full Council Members

Cllr Mr C Ashton
Cllr Mr S Bray
Cllr Mr A Clayton (Vice Chair)
Cllr Mr R Flemming
Cllr Mrs A Hall
Cllr Mr M Hall
Cllr Mrs L Hoelmer
Cllr Mr A Iliffe
Cllr Mr R Johnson
Cllr Mr K Lynch
Cllr Mr P Morris
Cllr Mr M Nickerson
Cllr Mr N Robinson
Cllr Mrs L Rooney
Cllr Mr S Rooney (Chair)
Cllr Mrs M Sherwin
Cllr Mr P Wallace
Cllr Mr H Wilkins
Cllr Mr P Williams
Cllr Ms A Wright