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Council Serves Temporary Stop Notice

Posted: Thu, 03 Aug 2017 16:48 by Parish Council

The Borough Council has served a Temporary Stop Notice on redevelopment works to the former Police Station building in Hinckley town centre, meaning that all work should cease for a period of one month.

Temporary Stop Notices are one of the most powerful tools that a local planning authority has to prevent unauthorised works because it comes into effect immediately and non- compliance of the notice can lead to prosecution and a significant fine.

Officers have taken this action after a number of concerns were raised by local councillors and members of the public about potentially unauthorised works to the 1930s building on Upper Bond Street in Hinckley.

The developer gained planning commission to convert the former police station to residential use in May 2016 and since works commenced Planning Officers have been liaising with the developer to try to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans and that any proposed changes are authorised. Concerns about health and safety on the site have been passed to the Health and Safety Executive.

Officers from the Council will now meet with the developer on site in order to address ongoing concerns about works that may not be in accordance with planning permission.

If work continues on the site then it will be at the owner's own risk and the Council could prosecute the owner if the Notice is breached.

Councillor Stan Rooney, Executive Member for Planning at the Borough Council said: "I, like other residents, would like reassurance the conversion of this building is carried out to the highest standard, in accordance with planning permission granted, and we have the building back in use, with its architectural features preserved. It commands a significant position in the town deserving of the best attention."

  • A local planning authority may issue a Temporary Stop Notice, under the powers conferred by section 171E of Town and Country Planning Act 1990, if officers believe there has been a breach of planning control. The temporary stop notice is designed to prevent serious or irreversible harm to the environment in the surrounding area and safeguard amenity and public safety in the neighbourhood.

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