Blue plaque for world’s first computer programmer

Posted: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 12:44 by Parish Council

A BLUE PLAQUE was unveiled at a special event to honour the achievements of the world's first computer programmer, who was brought up in Kirkby Mallory.

Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) was the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron and Lady Anne Isabella Milbanke Byron, living at Kirkby Hall when she was a young girl.

She was a gifted mathematician and is considered to be the first computer programmer following her work with Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, a calculating machine which required a written program to carry out complex calculations.

In recognition of her achievements, the Borough Council held an event in the Byron Suite at Mallory Park Racing Circuit on Ada Lovelace Day - Tuesday 10 October – at which a Blue Plaque was unveiled in her memory.

Over 30 people attended the celebration and also heard an informative talk by local historians Hugh Beavin and Stan Rooney, who had researched the contribution that Ada made to the design and creation of the Difference Engine.

The unveiling of the Blue Plaque was also attended by Mr Byron Richards, an indirect descendant of Ada's mother, Lady Annabella Milbanke.

The event concluded with a visit to the Ada Lovelace memorial in the grounds of All Saints Church, Kirkby Mallory.

Councillor Maureen Cook, Executive Member for Culture, Sport & Leisure, said: "I am really pleased to see such a remarkable lady honoured in this way. Her achievements and dedication need to be recorded and the Blue Plaque is a fitting tribute."

  • On 8 July 1835 Ada married William, 8th Baron King, becoming Lady King. When he was made Earl of Lovelace and Viscount Ockham, she became Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace.

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