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Blue plaques honour WWI fallen

Blue plaques honour WWI fallen

Blue plaques have been put up on houses around Burbage in honour of village servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War.

Thirty plaques bearing the names, honours and dates of death of 32 soldiers have been installed wherever their homes still stand as part of a project to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the conflict.

Another 32, whose homes no longer survive, are to be honoured on a joint plaque at Millennium Hall on Britannia Road.

The plaques have been paid for by Burbage Parish Council, supporting a working party of parish councillors, parishioners and other community groups, chaired by the Rector of Burbage, the Revd Andrew Hall, which was set up specially to plan for the centenary commemorations.

Research into the villagers being honoured has been carried out by members of Burbage Heritage Group.

Printed biographies have been compiled for each fallen soldier, including copies of photographs and documents where available, and will be presented to the owners of each property bearing a plaque, as a reminder of their parish predecessors who paid the greatest price.

Heritage Group chairman Sylvia Whitworth, pictured, right, with group member Ann Crabtree, said: "Over the coming months, we hope people will take the opportunity to walk around the village and reflect upon the families who would have received the sad news of their loved ones around the village."

Posted: Wed, 07 Nov 2018 15:09 by Parish Council

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