Appeal to find families of cemetery memorial benches

Appeal to find families of cemetery memorial benches

Burbage Parish Council is trying to trace the families who paid for two decorative stone memorial benches in Lychgate Lane cemetery.

The benches, which are of identical design and have supports in the shape of squirrels, face a former stone water feature and bear inscriptions to Jack Edward John Court and to Tessa and Libby Cox.

Both have become unsafe and need to be removed from the cemetery.

Notices have been fixed to both benches for some months, inviting the donors to get in touch so that we can explain the situation to them but, so far, no-one has come forward.

We are now appealing to anyone who knows of or is in contact with the families or relatives to let them know.

If the donors wish to replace the benches, at their cost, the parish council would be pleased to arrange this.

In the meantime, the unsafe benches will be carefully removed and stored, for the safety of all who use the cemetery.

If you are one of the donors, or can help to put us in contact with them, please call the parish office on 01455 637533 between 9am and midday, Monday to Friday (or leave a message at other times) or email

Posted: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 16:18 by Parish Council

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