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Burbage Neighbourhood Plan

Burbage Neighbourhood Plan

Yesterday the Burbage Neighbourhood Plan was formally accepted by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council for progression to a referendum. Given the referendum cannot take place at the present time, the plan is immediately given significant weight in planning decisions.

The plan has been modified in a number of respects which the Parish Council had to balance against having community views respected in other areas, which it did unanimously, at an Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on Friday 15th of May 2020.

I would like to place on record my thanks to the team of both councillors and community members who have put in tremendous work over the past six years to bring forward our Neighbourhood Plan, with particular thanks to councillor Richard Flemming who lead the team.

At last night's Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Planning Committee, meeting the landscape designations in the Neighbourhood Plan were influential in the Planning Committee's decision to refuse the application for the development of land off Sketchley Lane.

Cllr Paul Williams – Chairman Burbage Parish Council Wednesday 20th May 2020

You can view the the Burbage Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement (Regulation 18) and the Examiner's Report and addendum document, by clicking on the link below and those included in this text.

A copy of the Decision Statement will also be available to view from 21st May 2020, on the Notice Board at the front of the Millennium Hall, Britannia Road, Burbage.

Posted: Wed, 20 May 2020 14:04 by Parish Council

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