Burbage Policing Update & The Beat newsletter

Burbage Policing Update & The Beat newsletter

Nothing new to report regarding vehicle crime or burglary over the last week in Burbage which is great.

The two bicycles we recently appealed for information on have both been reunited with their owners.Thank you to everyone for keeping a look out. This is in relation to 21000534265 (red and blue bike and yellow bike), bicycles stolen in Hinckley.

We are continuing our investigations into the vehicle damage crime spree around Boyslade Road, Cotes Road and Coventry Road area. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you have any CCTV of criminal/suspicious activity on Saturday 18th September from around 23:30-00:30 in these areas.

Burbage residents appear to be losing banks cards recently. I have 3 at the office which have been handed in with the surnames of Haworth, Cleall and Grassby. Drop me an Email to Darren.stretton@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk if any of these belong to you.

We are planning in our Road safety week for the middle of November. This includes events in local schools and within the community. We would really appreciate some feedback from residents around any stories you may have regarding road safety or the impacts of dangerous driving if you are willing to share them with the community (can be anonymous if you wish) Please drop me an email to Darren.stretton@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk . Real experience from residents can have a massive impact on the mind-set of others and make people think so please get in touch.

Scams reported by residents (Hermes and Amazon)

Hermes Email scam. Email with links which may send you to cloned sites that look legitimate. Always be careful what sites you visit and never disclose bank details.

"I don't know if you have heard about the Hermes Scam, I was expecting a parcel from Apple, which I had been tracking online.
On Friday I had a text message saying that they were unable to deliver the parcel and to arrange another time but it would cost me £1.45 at which I would need to give my bank details.
I was annoyed at this as Apple had not been in contact, so I went back into my Apple account online and my parcel was still being shipped.
I did contact Apple who informed me that my parcel was being delivered but by DPD.
The text from the scammers was very good and very believable but I cannot get my head around how the scammers seem to know you are waiting for something to be delivered."

"I had a phone call from a mobile 074183***. There was a recorded message stating that my card had been charged with 2 amounts this morning - £300 from Amazon Prime & £1100 for an international money transfer. Asked to press 1 to speak to someone, who would no doubt want bank account details! I stopped the call & logged on my internet banking - no pending transactions anywhere. I reported the number via 'Who Called Me' & found that several other people had done likewise. I marked it as 'dangerous'. I'm sure that this was an automated call like so many others."

Remember to visit Action Fraud to report scams and find out more to protect yourself.

Please see attached our monthly newsletter for a summary of key activity in Burbage this month. You can give us your view on concerns you have by completing a survey using the below links. This feedback helps us prioritise what our residents want.

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Thank you very much and take care.

Darren 6035
Darren Stretton (Police, PCSO 6035, Hinckley and Blaby NPA, Burbage)

Posted: Fri, 01 Oct 2021 14:43 by Parish Council

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