Burbage policing update

Burbage policing update

Please see attached your Monthly local Police Newsletter for August. We have received 151 calls this month in Burbage of which 31 were emergency calls and required a 15 minute response time.

Crime has dropped this week in relation to vehicle and residential burglary which is very good. Thanks for visiting our crime prevention event last week but get in touch if you didn't make it but would like anything.

Please be aware that if you have a RFID car key wallet for your keyless vehicle, please check the wallet works. Having spoken to a resident over recent days, it appears wear and tear over time can degrade the wallet and cause the signal to still get through. The wallet in question was around 2-3 years old and well used. Please try opening your vehicle when the key is in the wallet to ensure it works. If you need a replacement, get in touch. An investment of a few pound every couple of years is well worth it.

Report of a residential burglary on Lutterworth road where a watch and wallet were taken via the suspect reaching through an open window between 06:30 and 07:30 on the 27th of July. The wallet was posted back through the door. Investigations are ongoing in the area. The incident occurred around the Fosse Close/Lodge Close area. Please check CCTV/door bells. 22000433975.

There was a report of two suspects on bicycles wearing balaclavas around the Jubilee way/square area between 02:15 and 02:50 on the morning of the 27th of July. If you have any CCTV and any decent footage/images of these people, please drop me an email. Darren.stretton@leics.police.uk

Report of anti-social behaviour involving youths on Tilton Road park around 03:00 on the morning of the 27th of July. Behaviour includes shouting and general bad behaviour that impacts on local residents. These types of incidents have also been reported over recent weeks at locations such as Britannia fields and the Outwood's area. We will do what we can to identify those involved but again, any CCTV or information would be excellent.

Tools stolen from a van on Sketchley Grange Hotel car park between the 26th and 27th. A hole was cut in the side panel to expose the lock. Hand and power tools taken. Although we have not had many of these incidents recently, this is a reminder that these types of criminals may be about looking for opportunities so please remove tools from vans and leave nothing in your vehicle.

Report of unusual activity on Pennant Road. On the morning of Friday 29th July at around 03.20am, a flatbed truck (similar to the ones the iron men collect in) hurtled down the street and a few minutes later came back. The same thing happened at the same time of 03.05am on Saturday morning. Same truck sped down the road, discovered it was a dead end and sped back. I cannot see any reports relating to crime in this area but if you are aware of who it is, please get in touch. It could be completely innocent but would be good to put peoples minds at ease.

We have received several complaints about parking. A lot of complaints we receive cannot be dealt with by Police as the powers sit with Leicestershire County Council. I will do what I can with it at a local level to try and resolve issues at an early stage if there are safety concerns. Often, long term solutions are needed so please collect evidence (photo's, times, dates and vehicle registrations) of safety concerns you may have as this can then be presented to LCC Highways.

Highways https://leicestershirehighways.org.uk/contact-us/ or check out https://www.fixmystreet.com/

Just a reminder that if you have any scams you wish to share with residents to raise awareness, please DO NOT send me the actual email as our security is blocking them. A short paragraph would be great.

Thank you and take care.

Darren 6035

Did you know you can report crime and incidents using our online portal. Please visit https://www.leics.police.uk/ Click on REPORT .
In an emergency dial 999

Please do not report crime or Incidents via 'Neighbourhood Link' as the messages are not always monitored.

Posted: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 09:23 by Parish Council

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