Finance & General Purposes Committee

The Staffing Committee is made up of a maximum of 10 Councillors (with the addition of the Parish Council Chairman)

This Committee has delegated powers to decide matters required to be determined by members including:

  • Monitoring all the council's financial matters
  • Formulating and monitoring policies on financial risk management and internal controls
  • Allocation of grants and donations within the allocated budget
  • Administration and maintenance of the Millennium Hall and other properties owned by the Council
  • To agree matters relating to events within the Village whether organised by the Council or other organisations
  • Seeking of grants for Council projects
  • Health & Safety
  • To deal with consultation which time prevents being presented to Full Council (except those falling under the remit of the Planning Committee)
  • To approve virements as necessary
  • Any other matter referred to the Finance & General Purposes Committee by the full CouncilThe Committee may consider and make recommendations to the full Council on the following matters:
  • Issuing a precept and borrowing of money
  • Matters of policy or new issues of importance
  • Working Party requests for expenditure beyond the agreed budget allocation

The Committee may appoint working parties (max 7 Members) on a task and finish basis to deal with specific issues/projects as necessary.

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Finance & General Purposes Committee Members

Cllr Mr R Flemming
Cllr Mrs D Glen
Cllr Mrs A Hall
Cllr Mr R. Hoelmer
Cllr Mr K Lynch
Cllr Mr R Mayne
Cllr Mr N. Robinson
Cllr Mrs M Sherwin
Cllr Mr B. Walker
Cllr Mr P. Williams