Full Council

Full Council is made up of all 20 Councillors. Its job is to make policy (agree the framework within which decisions are made), agree the budget, appoint a Chairman of the Council, agree terms of reference of Committees and their membership and carry out a number of strategic/corporate management functions.

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Full Council Members

Cllr Mr S. Attenborough
Cllr Mr D. Bill
Cllr Mr S Bray
Cllr Mr D. Findlay
Cllr Mr R Flemming
Cllr Mrs D. Glenville
Cllr Mrs A Hall
Cllr Mr M Hall
Cllr Mr P. Hall
Cllr Mrs L Hoelmer
Cllr Mr R. Hoelmer
Cllr Mr K Lynch
Cllr Mrs M. Lynch
Cllr Mr R. Mayne
Cllr Mr N Robinson
Cllr Mrs M Sherwin
Cllr Mrs P. Spence
Cllr Mr B. Walker
Cllr Mr H Wilkins
Cllr Mr P Williams