New Mayor for Hinckley & Bosworth

New Mayor for Hinckley & Bosworth

Hinckley & Bosworth have a new mayor for 2022-23 Mayor Dawn Glenville

The following fact sheet has been issued to coincide with the election of Councillor DAWN GLENVILLE as Mayor of the Borough for 2022-23 at the Council's annual meeting on Tuesday 17 May.

Name: Dawn Glenville

Ward: Burbage St Catherine's & Lash Hill

Length of service: First elected to the Borough Council in May 2019.

Family: Councillor Glenville is married to fellow councillor Barry Walker. The couple moved to Burbage in 1988.

Work: After retiring as a professional singer, Councillor Glenville now works in a jewellery store in Hinckley's Castle Street.

Charities:Councillor Glenville will be raising funds for Age Concern and Air Ambulance.

Minister: The Mayor's Chaplain will be Rev Andrew Hall, Rector of Burbage St Catherine's Church.

Outside Interests: In her spare time Councillor Glenville enjoys walking, cycling and golf – she was Ladies Club Champion in 2012.

Mayor's Consort: The Mayor's Consort is her husband, Councillor Barry Walker.

Deputy Mayor: The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Scott Gibbens.

Posted: Thu, 19 May 2022 13:44 by Parish Council

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