Staffing Committee

The Staffing Committee is made up of a maximum of 10 Councillors (with the addition of the Parish Council Chairman).

The committee has delegated powers to make decisions about all staffing issues not delegated to the Principal Officer including:

  • To consider any staff grievances in line with adopted policy
  • To carry out disciplinary hearings in line with adopted policy
  • To keep under review staff working conditions and health & safety matters
  • To manage long term sickness, incidents at work and return to work programmes
  • To review the Council's staffing arrangements and recommend appropriate changes to the Council
  • To carry out the Principal Officers annual appraisal

In the absence of the Principal Officer all staffing issues will be the responsibility of the Staffing Committee including staff welfare and the appointment of temporary staff for the post of Principal Officer as necessary.

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Staffing Committee Members

Cllr Mr S. Attenborough
Cllr Mr R Flemming
Cllr Mrs D. Glenville
Cllr Mrs A Hall
Cllr Mr M Hall
Cllr Mrs S. Iliffe
Cllr Mrs M. Lynch
Cllr Mr R. Mayne
Cllr Mrs M Sherwin
Cllr Mrs P. Spence